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Tips for Stress-Free Family Formals

Wedding after wedding I see brides and grooms try to smile through the frustration that can come from the infamous family portraits that happen after the ceremony. It almost always manages the most stressful part of the whole day! So here are a few tips and ideas to help make this part of your big day go as smoothly as possible:

  1. Make a list. Have a list for your photographer of the photos you’d like taken during this time. Specific names that a photographer or assistant can loudly call out will ensure that everyone is in the photo that is supposed to be. If your list just says “Smith Side”, they don’t know who all needs to be included.

  2. Tell everyone ahead of time. By letting the individuals you’d like to be in photos know ahead of time that they need to stick around, you eliminate the need to have other family members running around looking for them. Also, consider having the officiant make an announcement after the ceremony to remind them to stay put.

  3. Keep it short. Try to limit the number of family portraits after the ceremony so that there is plenty of time for the photographer to capture you and your partner. In a few years, you’ll be glad you had more time for the two of you than a photo with each individual aunt and uncle. Group as much family together as possible!

  4. Designate a point person. Have one or two people who know both sides of your families well enough that they can help corral people in for photos. This will make it go so much faster!

  5. Plan for lighting. As with every aspect of your wedding day, keep in mind how well lit the area is that you plan to do photos. The altar is a very traditional place to do them after the ceremony, but most churches aren’t lit well for photography. Consider scoping out the church and grounds before the big day to see if there is another location available.


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