June 9, 2021


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Greencrest Manor Engagement Session- Battle Creek, MI for Danielle and Sinclair

Greencrest Manor in Battle Creek MI • Detroit Engagement Photographer

Sinclair and Danielle met in their freshman year of high school; Danielle had just transferred to a new school district where Sinclair already was. On the first day of Orchestra class, he tried to talk to her, but she quickly blew him off. However, the next day they talked again, and after she apologized for the previous day, Sinclair asked her to be his best friend and they immediately became just that, best friends. That was the beginning of their friendship and in a lot of ways, their relationship too.

 Over the next 15 years, and through relationships that didn’t quite work out, Danielle and Sinclair’s friendship continued to grow as well as the amount that they cared for each other. No matter what the other one was going through, the other had their back. As feelings for the other began to mature and deepen, their conversations about being with one another became more common and fluid, but Danielle and Sinclair were like 2 ships sailing in a circle in opposite directions, always the right time for one but not the other. This did not stop the two from falling more in love with each other even though they were not together, even when Sinclair moved to New York, they became even closer.

 One day Danielle called Sinclair and told him that he was the one, and there was not another single person she wanted to be with and it was him, it had always been him. You would think and hope at this point they would be together, but Sinclair had something else in mind and told her he loved her, but only as a friend. A month later, Sinclair came home for the holidays and spent as much time as he could with Danielle. Then on Christmas night, Sinclair told her that he loved her, and was all in and wanted to be with her. So 14 years after they first met, they finally allowed themselves to show each other how much they truly cared for one another.

Even though Sinclair was still living in NYC and Danielle was living in Michigan, their relationship flourished, and eventually, Danielle moved out to New York to be with Sinclair. After 2 years of living together, Danielle planned a surprise 30th birthday camping trip for Sinclair back home in northern Michigan. Sinclair once again had something else in mind. The morning after his birthday, he woke Danielle up to tell her to come to watch the sunrise with him. When they got to the sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan, Sinclair got on his knee and gave her the proposal of her lifetime.



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